Bat Jacobs is a Survivor in the Sonaran Desert, who was incarcerated following what is believed to be criminal ties with a notorious gang leader, Kit Wakeman. When the apocalypse began, Bat was in the Cactus Springs police station, and he managed to steal the cell keys off of a dead officer, and he took control of the station. When Rachael Scull and Joe Wheeler turned up at the station, Bat met them at the front gate. Rachael begins questioning him on the whereabouts of a gold bullion somewhere in the desert. He doesn't know, but he states that Kit Wakeman is alive and well. The pair leave, Bat asking them to kneecap Kit prior.

He may be recruited by the Survivalists after if they return. This gives the player the 'Just a Patsy' awardment, which is a nod to Lee Harvey Oswald's statement after John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination.