Clara Allison is a main antagonist. She is the leader of the F.E.M.A. Base. She is the only member of F.E.M.A. to not be able to join the Survivalists.

Killed Victims


Killed by:

  • Felipe Espinosa
  • Joe Wheeler
  • Isham Seely
  • The Survivalists

As Charley is putted down by either Joe or Isham, Felipe reveals that F.E.M.A was responsible for the kidnappings. Either Joe, Felipe, Isham, or another member of the Survivalists killed Clara.


  • Clara is the overall antagonist character in the game.
    • However, since Joe Wheeler is the playable protagonist/antagonist, he's actually the overall due to him indirectly causing the infection to spread.
  • In order to get the The Path of the Righteous Man achievement, you must kill Clara.

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