Elfego Arcine was a guardsmen residing in the middle circle of Fort Knox along with his sister, Em Arcine. He is shown to be indecisive and weak, but nonetheless very ambitious. He dreams of joining Felipe's Compound to go up to the inner circle, and as the Survivalists want to know if Lou Marchbanks is being kept their interests are equal, Elfego makes a deal: Show his skill to Felipe Espinosa in exchange for a spot in the Inner Circle. The Survivalists either decide to help Elfego, or Em, reach the Inner Circle after killing groups such as Cassidy's Gang, The Graybill Family, The Escaped Convicts, The Lone Wacko and Cornelius Chacon.

Outcome One, Deceased:

Depending on the Survivalists' actions, Elfego may check the cells, and to his horror, he will find Lou. The Survivalists report this to Fort Kohai, and after the two groups' futile discussions, Mike Doolin, Felipe's advisor, will come back to Los Ceres. If Elfego is in the Inner Circle, Mike will walk up to him and tell him that he knows about Elfego's dealings with the Survivalists, and Mike promptly shoots and kills Elfego.

Outcome Two, Alive:

If Em makes it into the Inner Circle instead, she will be killed, and Elfego will defect from Los Ceres. He will flee the compound and reach the Survivalists' encampment, and explain exactly what has happened, and that Los Ceres are mounting an attack on the whole of the Sonaran Desert. The group may recruit Elfego, as a boon for the war.

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