F.E.M.A. are a military unit led by Clara Allison that were sent into the Sonaran Desert to try and find a cure for the virus. Scientists abducted survivors such as Charlie Cashman, Charley Pankhurst and Lou Marchbanks and injected them with a small dose of the virus, therefore creating Living Infected. However, there was almost a breakthrough when Patient X: Alice Ivers, was found. Tests were done, but her pancreas was rendered useless, making her diabetic. Before other research could be done, Alice escaped and F.E.M.A. were at a loss. However, the Survivalists broke into the base and killed a some of the soldiers, forcing a surrender. Depending on the actions of the Survivalists, that division of F.E.M.A. is annihilated, or the remaining survivors of the unit tried in vain to find a cure.




  • Chris O'Kelley
  • Manuel Standish
  • Frank Ford
  • Al Donahue
  • Fred Ross Sr.
  • Fred Ross Jr.
  • Vasco Davis
  • Bob McCarty
  • Bill Silva
  • Lawrence Brooks
  • George Ruggles
  • Joe Bishop
  • Vincente Burns
  • John Scull
  • Chris Daly
  • Kit Parker
  • Lawrence Casey
  • Johnny Hart
  • Juan Wheeler
  • Jesse Bridger
  • Harry Carson
  • George Bullion
  • Joe Musgrave
  • Jesse Musgrave
  • Kit Allison
  • Vasco Martin
  • Lou Montez
  • Jack Adams
  • Luke Mimms
  • Wyatt Howe
  • Sam Espinosa
  • Jefferson Silva

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