Yes, there´s a couple of communities to the east of us that always seem to be squabbling with each other over something, I´m afraid it might get out of hand and spill over to us. I need a neutral envoy to broker a truce.

Fat Neils vs McCoys is a quest given by Wyatt Ingalls. He asks Joe to convince Dorcas Longabaugh (Leader of the Fat Neils) and Camila Aird (Leader of the McCoys) to make truces. Depending on Survivalist actions to tregua can happen or not.


Joe agrees to help Wyatt resolve the conflict between McCoys-Fat Neils. So that he can do this he has to convince the leaders of the communities to talk to one another.

Convince Camila Aird

When Joe and his group reaches McCoy community they are approached by a member. Joe says he was sent by Wyatt or he can say that he´s there to trade (If you choose the other options the community will attack you). The first attempt to convince Camilia will fail. Joe can convince her by respect (Fear) or by approval (Pity/ admire).

  1. By respect(Fear)- It is the easiest way to convince her put the members of the McCoys will remember the acts of aggression. Shakedown Connie Murphy and Johnny Casey (do not steal any more than 3 members if you do they will shoot you). After that joe just need to tell Camilla to accept the proposal because "He told her to do".
  2. By Approval (Pitty/ admire)- It is the hardest way to convince her put the members of the McCoys will remember the acts of friendship. Camila accepts cigarettes and Chick-Lit Novel as present and doing the quest "Circle of Wagons" given by Manuel Gregg will increase Camila´s approval.

Convince Dorcas Longabaugh

As in McCoys community as the group approaches will be addressed by a member of Fat Neils depending on Joe response they can attack him or not. Dorcas will not accept the first agreement. Joe has to convince her by doing the quest "The River" given by Jane Leroy, fisticuffs with some members and by giving gifts to Dorcas.

The Meeting

When persuade both leaders they will meet near the restaurant of the McCoys. Camila and Dorcas will start to argue about who guilty until Joe will have to support one side or stay neutral. Regardless of which side Joe supported or was neutral both leaders reached a consensus. Both groups agree to hate each other, as this keeps them focused and determined.


After the meeting is over the survivalists can return to Wyatt to ask your reward. First, Wyatt will complain about why Survivalist failed to make the McCoys allying with the Fat Neils. But after Joe tell Wyatt about the situation he understands. He rewards the Survivalists with 100 gold.

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