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You will find some gangs of survivors, looters, and bandits all over the map. You are asked by missions to neutralize them, but if you are able to intimidate them and not kill them, then they'll join you, excluding a few survivors.

Vince's Gang

  • Vincente "Vince" Sontag
  • Pearl Silva
  • Dick Stockton

Kit Wakeman's Gang

  • Kit Wakeman
  • Bob Star
  • Ollie Allison
  • Charlotte Wilder
  • Robert Tracy
  • Bud Bennett
  • Chris Hutchinson
  • Tom Fimbres
  • Clay Anderson
  • Harriet Smith
  • Amelia Wakeman


  • Bat Jacobs
  • Kate Barlow

Sontag's Raiders

  • Joe Sontag
  • Butch O'Kelley
  • Rosetta Silva
  • Rebecca Bridger.

Dry River Gang

  • Jacob Bullock
  • Vincente Ruggles
  • Jesus Daly
  • Ed Tubbs
  • Charlie Howe
  • Tom Rogers

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