Those looters have a camp to the south of here, I'd pay good gold to anyone who can get my locket back. I don't care how you do it, but i wouldn't be sorry if something bad happened to them.
— Zee Franklin, In-game Description
Looters Stole My Locket is a quest given by Zee Franklin. She asks the Survivalist to hunt down a gang of looter who stole a locket that has a great value for her.


The gang referred to in this quest is the Cynthia's Gang. Their base is south of Fort Kohai. The fate of this group of bandits depends on the actions of Survivalists.

Outcome 1:The survivalists kill all members of Cynthia's Gang

It is the most simple and rewarding to solve this quest. Zee rewards the Survivalists with 60 gold by handing the locket and another 40 gold for having killed the bandits.

Outcome 2:The Survivalist only spare one member

If you spare one member, don't bring him when you are going to collect Zee's reward. Zee will shot the new recruit and the entire community will turn against you. Besides that, Zee will not pay you 40 extra gold.

Outcome 3:The Survivalist recruit all members of the Cynthia's Gang

The most peaceful and difficult way to complete this quest. As in the previous outcome Survivalists should not take the new recruits with them when they collect the reward and Zee will not pay the 40 extra gold.

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