The second group is mostly burger flippers from the McCoy's across the road. Their leader is Camila Aird. Get the two of them to talk to each other face to face, I believe they'll see there's no need to fight each other.
— Wyatt Ingalis, from Fort Kohai

The McCoys are a community to the east of Fort Kohai. They have constant issues with the neighbouring community, Fat Neils. The quarrels with the Fat Neils started when, the Fat Neils, accused the McCoys of stealing their crops.

Depending on the actions of the Survivalists; the McCoys are slaughtered by the Survivalists and Fat Neils, or they murder all of the Fat Neils, invoking a brief but bloody battle. Alternatively, the two groups will still detest eachother, but there will be no bloodbath.


  • Several times throughout the game, the McCoys are referred to as McCoy's. It is possible that this could be the proper use of the name, and McCoys is rather an informal version of it.

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