The Sonaran Desert is a desert situated in the southwestern part of the United States, and is the setting of Survivalist.


The terrain of the desert is typically quite flat, although there are several valleys and even a few hills in the area. Several small towns are dotted around the Desert, such as Dejado, Sienna, Buckeye, Red Sands, Cactus Springs, and others.


The desert was overrun by the infected soon after the epidemic began. The centre of the desert is home to the Green Strain, the most passive of all the Infected. Further to the East and West, as well as some corners of the Sonaran, Blue Strain Infected roam the area. The Northern and Southern of the map are typically covered by a large number of the virulent Red Strain. The poles of the map are home to the most lethal of all of the strains: White. They're also found in Monkey Wrench Gulch, arguably the most dangerous place in the entire desert.

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