Survivalist 2 is an upcoming sequel to Survivalist. The details of it are currently unknown.


It's speculated that the game will take place in Vancouver in Canada. If the Love Ending is canon, Joe and Isham leave the Sonaran Desert to try and find Alice and get answers. Also, the developer has stated that he'd like to set the game in a snowy forest, as it'd make the fog of war effect less artificial.

Gameplay Basics


Followers and Communities

More TBA




  • Snowy climate
    • Rain, Snow, and other seasonal changes
    • Trees
  • Melee Weapons
  • Changable Clothes
  • Lower Camera Angle to make it more like a 3rd-person
  • Further viewable distance
  • As of yet, not much is known, but the developer has given some planned additions:
    • A more moddable structure with editing tools for quests and the terrain

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