The Death Penalty is a quest given by Amelia Murphy. She asks you to kill a pair of "looters". Joe shortly discovers that the looters are Tom 'n Butch.

Joe asks the couple if they are looters. They tell him that they did have to steal some food to survive because they refused to trade with them. They also tell him that Amelia is a biggot and doesn't approve of them. Joe decides that Amelia lied to him and goes back to Santa Maddalena to talk to her again.

Back at Santa Maddalena Joe confronts Amelia and refuses to do her dirty work. Upon refusal Amelia raises the stakes and offers insulin if Joe will complete the task. After the deed is done Amelia gives Joe a 60g reward and a key to a pharmacy in Pequeno Canyon.

Note: completion of this quest will make it impossible to get The Path of the Righteous Man awardment.