So continues the long journey of improving this Wiki. Still so much more to be done, and I think I spend more time creating stuff to create content rather than the actual content itself. But first today I spent a whole bunch of time adding custom CSS to my personal CSS files. No one else can see it but me, but I thought it would help, so when I get admin permissions I can just use the code I already have in my personal CSS. I was manually adding style attributes, trying to get rid of annoying green and tiled backgrounds, but I wasn't getting everywhere, just the main content areas. I wasted a lot of time trying to fully get the nav bar orange. I went to other wikis but their css was complex and customised (well I forgot I was viewing their customised CSS on top of the base CSS which was elsewhere). Then I thought, why don't I just get CSS from a freshly made Wiki, one without customisations but with the colour scheme I wanted? So I did that, and thank goodness I did because the CSS Wikia creates is over 12000 lines and it doesn't cover everything because it is dynamically generated for each page you visit. But it covered areas I had missed when doing it manually, except, well the background configuration.

Ok, you got the site working well for you now then what? I had a whole bunch of .xnbs to turn into .pngs, and that's just for items. Uploaded a whole bunch (about 30). But creating all these pages though... I set to work on creating preloaded page templates, so I could create pages quickly without too much work, and fill in the content later more easily. Even used {{PAGENAME}} to auto fill in the Title and Image name for most items (others I will have to change manually because they are named differently).

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