Well, after creating like 30 item pages I realised that none of them were categorised. Oh great! Maybe if I put it to automatically do it in the template. Oh wait, it makes the template part of the category itself! Category:Item oh wait a minute, shouldn't it be Category:Items ? (checks other wikis for comparison), oh yeah, should be dammit! Wait then that means all the pages I created and categorised Structure should be Structures... :( Oh damn, if I was admin I could remove the category from the article page itself, but because I'm not I have to go into the source code of each page to do it. Ok I'll leave it for later.

Ok, so then I decided to finish up stitching screenshots of the in-game patch notes together. I have uploaded it now, it is nearly 10000 pixels in height, and there is a link on the Version History page. That image, with caption and external link took me while, I got it wrong a lot of times before I made it like that.

400 edits! I might not have much experience in editing Wikis outside just articles, but my experience in Web Programming is helping me learn, slow process though. Really need more people contributing.

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