Yeah, I'd better give an update. 

On Jan 14 I made some tweaks to the Skills Profile Template (view my previous blog post), to remove all the padding that was popping up in certain areas of it when put into an infobox.

However after that I kinda felt disconnected and maybe burned out and did not edit from 15-17 Jan. (Shock) Yeah I know breaks my streak of daily editing since December 10. I was kinda preoccupied and busy with other things. I know there is still so much more to do, it's not easy keeping this up.

Also, Bob has given me a list of all in-game characters with their attributes, even the ones that you can't recruit. I plan on parsing the data into a spreadsheet at some point.

So I'll put my next sort of 1 or 2 goals here for motivation:

  • Create a Speechbox template
  • Parse character data and put into articles

Until next update.

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