Well, I've stopped the 150+ edits a day thing, toning it down a bit. I might have burned out if I continued. Also life is holding up, so less Wiki editing time. There is still a heck of a lot ot do, I may have standardised pages with Infoboxes and Quoteboxes, but I still feel like I could add in more templates, the pages aren't tidy per se. Of course, slowly filling in all the item pages, but categories, well that's another thing I'll have to sort out, easier as admin to do it. Also some files I misspelled, and well can't rename those at the moment. 

I've been thinking also about what to do to improve the Main Page, of course, since it's the one most people will see first. If I really want it to be at the standard we expect from a wiki, I'm gonna have to invest in several more templates. More complex ones. This may take me a while and I have little experience in creating stuff such as Portals, but it would be pretty awesome if I could get them in. Right now the page is really static, and it should be dynamic as I've seen in other wikis. 

It's been a toss up between Templates and just pure content the whole time here, templates to improve the standard of the Wiki and content to improve the comprehensiveness of the Wiki. Both need to be addressed.

Also, Bob the P.R. Bot has given me Survivalist source code that details all the items and attributes, names, descriptions and stuff, which is going to be very useful to expand the wiki. It will probably take me weeks to sift that into information for the Wiki, but there is potential for an article on Building Health, which could be really useful.

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