Time for an update. These blog posts seem to be harder for me to write than before, mainly because I forget what I have been doing over a period of time, so I go and check my list of contributions.

In my blog post on March 3, I mentioned that I was working on Navboxes. Today I have finally made a big update in completing the Items Navbox. The problem I had previously was having multiple columns in the navbox, but after looking at different wikis, I based the coding on the template, while the appearance is most similar to the and templates. I also had to tweak the ItemLink template a bit to get it to incorporate arguments for customising what text to be displayed. It took me around 3-4 hours today in total to type in and create the ItemLinks for all the items in their respective categories. In the process I also made edits to particular item pages themselves. Below is the resulting Items Navbox in a Spoiler (hehe, two of my templates in one!)

Spoiler: Items Navbox in a Spoiler

Weapons and Ammo Pistol Pistol (Pistol Ammo Ammo) • Shotgun Shotgun (ShotgunAmmo Ammo) • Assault Rifle Assault Rifle (Assault Rifle Ammo Ammo) • Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle (Sniper Rifle Ammo Ammo) • RPG Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG Ammo Ammo) • Molotov Cocktail Molotov Cocktail
Armor Bullet Vest Bullet-Resistant Vest
Food and Water Chips ChipsCanned Food Canned FoodCorn Ear of CornChocolates Box of ChocolatesWater Water
Backpacks Bunny Backpack Bunny Wabbit BackpackMedium Backpack BackpackLarge Backpack Large Backpack
Building Materials Raw Materials Wood Planks Wood PlanksChicken Wire Chicken WireCement Cement
Hardware Battery Heavy Duty BatteryFridge Small FridgeSolar Panel Icon Solar Panel
Crafting Items Cheap Vodka Cheap VodkaCloth ClothMatches Match
Medical Supplies Insulin Insulin • Antigen (Green Antigen GreenBlue Antigen BlueRed Antigen Red) • Bandages BandagesCloth Cloth
Tools Watering Can Watering CanToolbox ToolboxBrain Scanner Neural Imaging System
Gifts Books Bible BibleClassic Novel Classic NovelDetective Novel Detective NovelChick-Lit Novel Chick-Lit NovelSci-Fi Novel Sci-Fi NovelTasteful Erotic Novel Tasteful Erotic Novel
Luxuries Chocolates Box of ChocolatesFine Wine Fine WineCigarettes Pack of Cigarettes
Skill Books Fitness Guide Health and Fitness GuideGun Fetishist Magazine Gun Fetishist MagazineD.I.Y. Manual D.I.Y. Instruction ManualMedical Textbook Medical TextbookFarming Handbook Farming Handbook
Currency Gold GoldOne Hundred Dollar Bill One Hundred Dollar BillOne Dollar Bill One Dollar Bill
Quest Items Photograph Framed PhotographLocket LocketSilver Locket Silver LocketMetal Cylinder Strange Metal CylindersEmpty Food Wrapper Empty Food WrappersCornelius Head Cornelius Chacon's HeadSeeds Seeds • Notepads (Notepad Felipe Espinosa'sNotepad Clara Allison'sNotepad Al Martin's)
Keys Key Dejado Car Park KeyKey Gun Store KeyKey Cactus Springs Police Station KeyKey Buckeye Hospital KeyKey Corpse Valley Barricades KeyKey Pequeno Canyon Pharmacy KeyKey Red Sands Hospital KeyKey Johnny Casey's House KeyKey Los Ceros Prison KeyKey Black Butte Mansion KeyKey Hollow Rock Farm KeyKey Knights of Purity Cell KeyKey Grand Army Cell KeyKey Monkey Wrench Gulch Pharmacy KeyKey F.E.M.A. Cell Key
Unimplemented Corrugated Iron Corrugated Iron

Now that the Items Navbox was a success, I faced the problem of adding the template to nearly 80 pages. The idea of doing this manually was just not feasible. I found though that there are tools that bots can use to make a lot of repeated edits, and regular users can use them too to a certain extent.

AutoWikiBrowser is one of these programs that can automate repeated edits of the same time. In this case, adding the template to each page. So I set it up and tweaked it and added the Items Navbox to the currently 51 or so pages that have been categorised as Items. There are still another 30 pages that have not been categorised or created as items, so I'll do those manually instead when I edit those pages.

In other news, I created a Troubleshooting page, that may be helpful in diagnosing problems running Survivalist. It is by no means complete, I want to expand on it a lot more.

I also started adding map images of towns to their respective pages, these images are just cropped from the full high-resolution map I made.

With survivor head images, I did take screenshots of many of the F.E.M.A. faction and ran into a problem, you can't really see their faces as most of them are wearing Hazmat suits. Also, there are square icons for each character on a black background which you can see in the chat log, and map, and I have no idea how to get those, other than screenshot them?

Garth Redquiver has added some great content additions to certain characters (e.g.: outcomes, dead or alive of characters). Overall slow progress, but loooks like I'll be continuing with adding new exciting features to the Wiki!

So, what's next?

  • I still want to redesign the main page, it's too cluttered at the moment
  • Create Navboxes for Survivors, Locations, Buildings, General Pages, etc.
  • Maybe make Navboxes collapsible? Investigate into this
  • Add in images for the rest of the locations.