Ok, I've just been editing some Items pages and added some content + the standard templates on some Items pages that were created before I had the templates. Fiddling around with templates (mobile version appearance perhaps) and fixed more pages in categories.

We have more activity from other users now, namely TWDFan630 and Lakeside, so just some general talk and editing.

I have problems though, my house has lost access to the internet (ugh), am living on limited mobile data so my edits will be limited too until I get internet back. Meanwhile offline I did some work on those images of the keyboard keys and mouse buttons, they are nearly ready to be uploaded and used once I double check the templates I have.

While going through some of the Survivor pages I had another idea for another template: a person's initial Skill levels (eg: 2/4 Fitness 1/3 Construction etc). I could possibly use the Wikipedia Rating template and modify it to suit our needs, it could work.

Until next update, perhaps I will write some more new articles.

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