All right! I had been looking around for "speech bubbles", "talk bubbles", "speech boxes" etc on other Wikias. There was a nice talk bubble on Final Fantasy Wiki/ Kingdom Hearts Wiki, but it was split into two sections, separated by the bubble tick in the middle, which was not what I wanted. Then I stumbled across the Toon Town Wiki, they had a template that was perfect! I just tweaked the default values a bit and we have something that is as close as we can get to the speech bubbles in-game:

Hello! Talking from the world of Survivalist speech bubbles!

I then tweaked it further to be able to add a character image to the left side of it:

Joe Wheeler

Hi, my name is Joe Wheeler. I'm a hedge fund manager that spent a year in a bunker.

Which got me thinking. We don't have the actual character icons from the game, nor are they static assets, as they come from character models.

Anyway I'll work on that later, important thing is that speech bubbles are working well. (I may have to create a right-aligned version as well)

I decided to work on something else that has been in process for a while now, redesigning the main page (I had a MainPageHeading template sitting there for weeks). I originally had orange background curved boxes with border, but then I was thinking the headings didn't really fit in. So, removed the rounded corners, and changed the background to yellow with a nice 5px bottom border in orange. The result looked better than I'd anticipated.


Also moved some sections around a bit to accomodated these changes.

There are still more things I want to change, but this is a good indication of the direction I want the main page to go.

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