Ok, I haven't wrote this blog post until now because on the 23rd I did nothing out of the ordinary, just some regular edits to articles. Hmm, on second thought I guess I did do some things. I decided that when I got the admin rights, to have the theme and all other things ready to go so I could implement them all at once. Part of that was creating the Wiki Logo. I found the Survivalist Header text and tried to add a "WIKI" text to it using Paint.NET and Powerpoint, but the bevel wasn't quite in the same direction and looked a little different.

Then I realised the .psd files Bob had sent me. They had the "SURVIVALIST" heading on them, the white text for the game logo. I used Photoshop to copy the exact effects onto the "WIKI" text, resized it and such. Once I got that done I realised the Wiki name. I had chosen Survivalist Game Wiki. Perhaps Survivalist Wiki could be better? An example would be the SurvivalCraft Wiki being at

Anyway, put that aside, I created a new article: Combat. In it I tried to detail the different ways and weapons used for Combat in Survivalist. I eventually want most articles to be of this standard, fairly well written in the Wiki style of writing. Nonetheless I still need to improve on it, add a few images to break up the text and help explanation.

So 24 December comes, and MerryStar has accepted my Adoption Request, so I now have admin and bureaucrat rights. Excellent! I get to work immediately implementing the new theme, and MerryStar has also done a URL/Name change at the same time so that saves me having to put a separate request. Though I am wondering now if Survivalist Wiki is a better name. People seem to like Survivalist Game Wiki on Steam DIscussions though. Survivalist Game Wiki is definitely more clearer as an external name, so I am happy with the URL, though internally within the Wiki, there is little confusion about what "Survivalist" is referring to, so Survivalist Wiki could work.

I rearranged the forum boards and topics a bit, updated the Navigation bar, updated a whole lot of images with the "clearer" graphics from Bob and more.

As for TWDFan630, I believe he can provide a lot to this Wiki as I have seen his use of templates, CSS, JS etc on his Wiki: TWDFan630's Zombie Survival Stories Wiki.

Right now I am working on finishing off the Key/Mouse/Controls template, so they can be used all over the Wiki, and starting on the Character Levels template (for showing characters' skill levels), adapted from the Wikipedia 5-star rating template. I am going to be quite busy though over the Christmas period, so they may take longer than I want them to.

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