Between being busy around Christmas, having to use anothe computer, and other things, I have only been able to make minimal edits these past few days, that is until today, 28 December. Uploaded the rest of the item icons (clearer versions from Bob), then onto expanding the Key and Mouse templates. Let's just say that I haven't got it fully working yet and A new world looks like trash because of the template. Problem is with the [] brackets. I thought it'd be a nice idea since actions like [Move] and [RotateCamera] appear as such in the game text, I could just configure the template, and then when using it in the articles, just plop on a {{Key|[Move]|24px}} and all would be good. It seemed good on the template page, and I wasted time trying to add tags when they actually didn't help and I didn't need them. All due to the fact that templates refuse to refresh until multiple refreshes or something else. But now I've got a problem of the template putting out the image fine, but the rest of the questbox appearing in <code>. Argh.

Also I discovered, when using Firefox, that Google Fonts were not working at all, unlike in Chrome. I still have not found a fix for this yet. I've been through added CSS and everything, still not working.

A lot of really annoying things to fix really. Template building ain't easy

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