Ok, since I only make a few edits here and there every few days, I'll try and list them here in this post, since my last blog post.

I was (and still am) concerned with the definition of a Determinant character. As it stands there are way too many Determinant characters, and only some are integral to the core story while others are just side characters.

I still need to do work on creating those nav boxes, that'll be a major step in standardising page design. As for page design, I added a notice to whenever someone creates a new article to use the templates for creating new pages, as someone had created 30 character pages with no template and now I have to go back and add infoboxes etc to all of them.

More recently (March 22), I worked on a new version of the Character Boxes, which you can see on the Survivors page. The old version was taken directly from The Walking Dead Wiki, with an image and short text overlaying on the right hand corner of the image. While it may look fancy, the problem is that it omitted the last names of every character. Which would work for The Walking Dead, since nearly everyone has a unique name and half don't have a last name. But in Survivalist, every single character has a last name, except a few that are just mentioned and never seen. Also names are not nearly as unique as they are in TWD (heck there are even two Dick Stocktons!)

This was also a good time to clean up the code, from the existing templates. I removed a lot of useless bloat, and made the overall box longer, in order to accomodate more space for the text. Some other changes such as padding and etc, and there we have it. The template works in the mobile view too (before it would partially, but have extra tags appearing).

Because this is a change that would screw up the Survivors look while I was in the process, I copied over the existing pages and templates to "Sandbox pages" and worked from there. Once I was satisfied with the results, I then copied over everything to apply it all at the same time.

Now the problem is that some character images are inconsistent size or ratio, not sure how I'm going to tackle that.

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