Geez, I must of had an urge to rant out my frustrations in my blog post yesterday, because less than 24 hours later I have fixed all the problems! And they were just little things, but it took me a lot more than a little time to find and fix them.

After fiddling around with the Key template (and its use in Questbox), adding and reverting and who knows what, the problem was in adding a #default in the #switch branch I had, when it wasn't even needed. Eg:

{{#switch: {{{1}}}
| blah = (1st config)
| meh = (2nd config)
| #default = (default config)

instead of:

{{#switch: {{{1}}}
| blah = (1st config)
| meh = (2nd config)
|(default config)

It was causing extra line breaks in each use of the template, also causing the rest of the template to be displayed in code-style font (with yellow background), similar to as if I had forgotten a bracket sort of thing. With that fixed, consecutive uses of the Key and Mouse templates would have them side by side, a lot better and fixed up the Questboxes.

Next thing was the Open Sans fonts not showing up properly. I spent hours fixing and reverting, adding and removing between Wikia.css, common.css, Questbox template and a whole bunch more, trying to figure out what was going on. Well, it turns out that Chrome wasn't displaying the fonts either, not just Firefox! They were displaying text in sans-serif font, which looks quite similar to Open Sans. This sentence is in Open Sans btw.

Ended up flipping many @import statements between the various files, tested out an obscure font I could distinguish easily, Mrs Sheppards.

Eventually it was as simple as putting the @import statements in MediaWiki:Wikia.css not MediaWiki:common.css as I was doing. And no other fancy addition of CSS classes needed, it could all be defined in the template itself. Geez, that was annoying.

So I still have a lot to do, now and future plans:

  • Finish off Key and Mouse templates (maybe Controller Buttons as well)
    • Complete articles using Key and Mouse templates: Controls, Quest pages
  • Work on Skill Levels template (based on Wikipedia 5-star rating template)
  • Possible Speechbox template
  • Write more articles, basic page maintenance on the Wiki
  • Redesign main page (more dynamic, using cool looking headings, portals, etc)

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