Well it's obvious enough that I have not been working on this wiki to the same capacity that I was doing in December. So I'll start by saying that blog posts will no longer have a continuous date on them (eg: 8-12 January).

There have been some helpful discussion posts on the Steam Discussion Forums that I have turned into guides. I hope to continue doing this, though they will all need tidying up and I hope to add screenshot images to them to make the guides more comprehensive.

I've found another "big project" to get excited about: Navboxes! These are placed at the bottom of the page and link to other article pages in the same category (eg: on the Pistol page there will be a Navbox with links to all the other items, sorted into categories). With the increasing number of pages, especially in the Survivors category, this will be critical to the development of the Wiki.

I also want to look into modifying the current Survivors Characters Templates to incorporate their last names. The templates are fine for The Walking Dead as most characters have unknown last names, but in Survivalist, everyone has a known last name (except for mentioned characters that don't appear). Also, names aren't as unique as they are in The Walking Dead.

TL;DR: Blog posts will have a single date in title from now on.

Things to do:

  • Continue Expanding Guides
  • Create NavBoxes
  • Update Main Page
  • Look into modifying Survivors Characters Templates

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