aka Nathan

  • I live in Michigan
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Intricon(Medical Springs And Wiring) Worker
  • I am Male
  • TWDFan630

    I appear to be one of the few to have completed this game's badge of at least level 1.

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  • TWDFan630

    Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630 with an idea-based blog.

    • August 18, 2016 - Created blog.
    • April 10, 2017 - Updated blog while removing and adding some things.

    • Idea
      • Reason 1
      • Reason 2
      • ....

    • Random Encounters Involving Recruitable Survivors
      • Every day(In-Game Day Timespan), an indicator on the map show a Question Mark, which could be from either saving the survivor(s) from multiple zombies or looters to finding an antigen for them to finding a missing survivor.
      • For this to be an easy way to get members to join the group without having to go after minor antagonist groups to recruit them.
      • Playable Pet
    • New Skills
      • Recruitment - Determines the chances to recruiting a survivor or playable pet to join the group.
      • Fishing - Determines the chances to catching a fish…

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  • TWDFan630

    Here's the picture:

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  • TWDFan630

    My Future Plans

    March 1, 2016 by TWDFan630

    I'd like to help out as much as I can, but preparing for college gets into my way plus I have a lot of other wikis to do stuff on and watch over, etc. This isn't an important blog, so you can ignore it if you want to.

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  • TWDFan630

    Happy New Years!!

    January 1, 2016 by TWDFan630

    Happy New Years!!!!!!!

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