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    When I did the war, I had a lot of survivors with me, but there was a lot that were killed; Mostly by the Los Ceros survivors by both the offensive teams attacking a large outpost I made near Los Cerosand the ones within Los Ceros' base, but some were due to the infected and looters attacking. The war took my 34 in-game days to complete it while keeping the morale up and without having deserters. I had also encountered and took down FEMA before the war after accidentally running into them after breaking into their compound, but took all but their leader into the community.

    Here's the list of surviving and dying survivors by activity and location.

    • 58 of 130 survivors(45%) were killed in the war.
      • 21 of 32 survivors(66%) who were attacking Los C…

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    Survivalist 2 pictures

    September 25, 2017 by TWDFan630
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    What are your thoughts of the recent news on Survivalist 2? Post them in the comments.

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    I appear to be one of the few to have completed this game's badge of at least level 1.

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    Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630 with an idea-based blog.

    • August 18, 2016 - Created blog.
    • April 10, 2017 - Updated blog while removing and adding some things.
    • November 30, 2017 - Removed an idea.

    • Idea
      • Reason 1
      • Reason 2
      • ....

    • Random Encounters Involving Recruitable Survivors
      • Every day(In-Game Day Timespan), an indicator on the map show a Question Mark, which could be from either saving the survivor(s) from multiple zombies or looters to finding an antigen for them to finding a missing survivor.
      • For this to be an easy way to get members to join the group without having to go after minor antagonist groups to recruit them.
      • Playable Pet
    • New Skills
      • Recruitment - Determines the chances to recruiting a survivor or playable pet to join the group.
      • Fishing - Deter…

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