Vince's Gang is a small community and gang made up of Vincente Sontag, Dick Stockton and Pearl Silva. They are generally the first gang that the Survivalists encounter. They may be spared, and the two groups will peacefully live alongside each other, but the Survivalists may choose to slaughter them, and loot, destroy, or recruit all that remains.


Without Killing Them

Pearl will be guarding that entrance she will try to rob Joe if he says "try it" she will back off and Joe will be able to walk freely around the base. After that Joe has to rob Vincente and force him to work for him. Joe then can normally recruit Pearl and Dick.

Killing All But One

The Survivalists begins to attack and kill two of the three members, and the third member surrenders and gets recruited by them.


  • This is the only gang that isn't involved in any missions.

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