The content in this page will eventually become part of the guidelines for this Wiki. It is a work-in-progress, and not everything is set in stone at the moment.

Here are some guidelines on terminology that should be used in writing articles:

The player is the person playing the game.

A person who is in the player's community and is controllable by the player should be referred to as a character.

For any people in general that are not zombies, they should be referred to as survivors.

Looters and raiders should be labelled as they are in-game, i.e., those survivors who are outwardly hostile and reside stationarily in one location are looters, while the survivors who spawn periodically and track down the player's base or characters are raiders.

The in-game objectives should be referred to as quests, preferably not missions.

A quest should consist of the whole set of tasks under a single name as shown in the quests interface in-game.

Categories should be plural (i.e. Traders not Trader), articles should be singular unless the original name is a plural itself.

Communities or Factions should be used. In-game they are called communities or towns, where appropriate, and informally called groups. Groups should not be used unless it is from the perspective of a survivor's dialogue: eg: "Joe Wheeler's group".

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